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LHC Team Championship 2018


Eastbourne represented very well.

Every year Eastbourne is represented by the top Premiership team in our league against some very tough opposition in the Thames area. this year a team consisting of members of Angling Club A headed to Maidenhead in October to represent Eastbourne. The LHC Team Championships 10 teams divided into 2 groups played 178 frames in a bid to find out who was the best. Below is the story of how we found out.

Group Stage

Group A

  1. Thames Valley
  2. Eastbourne
  3. Harrow
  4. Watford
  5. Milton Keynes B


Thames Valley 4-4 Watford

Harrow 6-2 Milton Keynes B

Eastbourne 8-0 Milton Keynes B

Thames Valley 6-2 Harrow

Thames Valley 8-0 Milton Keynes B

Eastbourne 5-3 Watford

Harrow 5-3 Watford

Thames Valley 6-2 Eastbourne

Watford 8-0 Milton Keynes B

Harrow 4-4 Eastbourne

Group B

  1. Byfleet
  2. Watford B
  3. Milton Keynes
  4. Oxford
  5. Thames Valley B


Byfleet 6-2 Oxford

Watford B 6-2 Milton Keynes

Oxford 5-3 Thames Valley B

Byfleet 5-3 Watford B

Watford B 5-3 Oxford

Thames Valley 5-3 Milton Keynes

Byfleet 6-2 Milton Keynes

Watford B 5-3 Thames Valley B

Byfleet 7-1 Thames Valley B

Milton Keynes 6-2 Oxford

KO Stage

Semi Finals

Byfleet 5-0 Eastbourne

Thames Valley 5-1 Watford B


Byfleet 5-2 Thames Valley

Individual Top Tens

Top Player (Group Stage Only)

  1. Dylan Leary (Thames Valley) 8/8
  2. Ryan Mears (Byfleet) 6/6
  3. Sean Harvey (Byfleet) 6/6
  4. Paul Bunyard (Byfleet) 4/4
  5. Matt Wilson (Thames Valley) 7/8
  6. Karl Townsend (Harrow) 7/8
  7. Dave Maley (Watford B) 7/8
  8. Mark Worley (Watford) 6/8
  9. Ashley Bull (Eastbourne) 6/8
  10. Danny Brocklehurst (Watford B) 6/8

High Breaks

  1. Matt Ford (Byfleet) 105
  2. James O’Sullivan (Harrow) 92
  3. Matt Wilson (Thames Valley) 82
  4. James O’Sullivan (Harrow) 78
  5. Matt Wilson (Thames Valley) 77
  6. Karl Townsend (Harrow) 75
  7. Ryan Mears (Byfleet) 73
  8. Paul Bunyard (Byfleet) 73
  9. Eddie Barker (Thames Valley) 72
  10. Dylan Leary (Thames Valley) 71

Both Thames Valley and Byfleet managed to progress from their groups unbeaten, Watford B finished 2 points behind Byfleet in Group B and qualified as runners up relatively unchallenged. Whereas in Group A, Eastbourne had to fight off Harrow in the last group game and just edged through on frame difference.

Both semi-finals were relatively routine as Byfleet compiled breaks of 35, 47, 65 and 73 to see off Eastbourne 5-0 and Thames Valley dropped just one frame as they beat Watford B 5-1.

The final was a story of what ifs for Thames Valley, Matt Wilson winning the first frame over Matt Ford, however he lost the second and Ryan Mears beat Eddie Barker 2-0 leaving the match poised at 3-1 at half time. Nik Budimir lost the first frame to Paul Bunyard meaning Byfleet just needed one more frame to retain their title. It was a high quality pairing between Dylan Leary and Sean Harvey, Sean looked to be sealing the match but Dylan managed to pull out a very classy clearance on the colours to keep Thames Valley in the match. Meanwhile on the other table Paul Bunyard was putting together a fine break of 73 on the tightest table in the club to take the match and the title back to Byfleet.


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